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This site provides the abortion informed consent brochure and links to external sites that provide information about abortion. INDIANA 

We are INDIANA based company, engaged in producing health care related products which comprises higher ethical values and match with all standards set by internationally acclaimed organizations. In this course of journey we produce MTP KIT to provides and facilitates Safe and Desired pating and motherhood. Our MTP kit not only solve the problems of unwanted pregnancy but is wrapped with great objectives to see that your life marches ahead successfully, without facing interruption in your general health conditions and to make you strengthened with Planned Pregnancy, Desired Pregnancy so that you can move towards your objectives.

Our MTP kit counters all the odds and answers all the quarries which keep raising head, when one gets trapped in the unwanted circumstances of unwanted motherhood.

We have found that people generally avoed the rules telated to planned coupling and get trapped in unwanted parenthood and pregnancy, hence the boons changed in problems. After this; what to do? How to do? Problem arises and keep misleading people.

This is how we solve the problems.

We on the basis of our research and development, have developed MTP kit to suit well for different stages of pregnancy by formulating tablets of different mass.

The first constituent of our MTP kit is Mifepristone. Mifepristone; also known as RU486 is used during pregnancy to remove pregnancy that is to cause abortion to avoid unwanted motherhood. It is not used, if the duration of pregnancy has crossed ten weeks or 70 days. The days of counting starts from the date of the first day of last mensuration.  The process of stopping the growth of pregnancy is done by checking the inflow of hormones known as Progesterone.

Mifepristone is used with another medicine called misoprostol.

In cases of rare abnormal pregnancy which is known as ectopic pregnancy, Mifepristone must not be taken because it can lead to serious bleeding.

Again we would like to remind you to follow the rules framed by your doctors”Don’t try to be your own boss particularly in the cases of medication”.

Mifepristone is to be taken by mouth. After this first step towards safe abortion you should wait for 24 to 48 hours before taking another medicine. Maintenance of tenure of taking medicine is must. Don’t be assure of complete abortion even after heavy vaginal bleeding. Heavy vaginal bleeding is not final fixation of complete abortion.

Misoprostol is another constituent f our MTP kit. It is a synthetic prostaglandin medication used in the

treatment of more than one physical problem including for abortion. Its range of effectiveness ranges from 66% to 90% if used for abortion. It is a common medicine to counter the problems of postpartum bleeding due to poor contraction of uterus. More than this for labor induction or abortion, it is taken by mouth or placed in vagina as doctors feel fit.

Misoprostol can be taken orally. In this case it gives birth to some side effects like diarrhea, stomach cramps or nausea. These side effects does not last longer for more than the seven days, otherwise doctors help is needed.

Microprostol has been found very effective, reduces the need of suction dilation that is surgical abortion.

For increased efficacy we recommend the dose of 800mcg.(4*200mcg) inserted vaginally. Our observation has found that results get betterment if the medicine is taken vaginally instead of oral use of Misoprostol.

We recommend about the proper administration of tablets. Timing is important. It should be taken in the morning, after cleaning hands and insert one tablet at a time into the vagina. After the abortion is made the patient should take a rest of at least 45miutes to one hour.

Heavy bleeding is a common phenomenon after using pills. Bleeding may start from 4 to 48 hours after taking medicine. In case of non- occurrence of bleeding it is needed to take another dose. It is quite natural that there will be passage of blood clotting and tissues. We advise patients to take proper rest because cramping and bleeding lasts for 4 to six hours which is considered as normal bleeding.

After medication we advise to go through ultrasound to ensure that all the tissues have passed.

Here are some pints listed to take special cause. After the completion of dosages and duration one should go through ultrasound. The ultrasound test ensures finally whether the uterus is totally cleared or not. It can save you from the rising of unwanted conditions.

A normal checkup of oxygen level, pulse rate and blood pressure needed to record every day. If one traces fluctuations, should contact to doctors for further medications and required precaution. After abortion the chance of repeating pregnancy is increased so precautions related to “Birth Control” Use of contraceptives for, at least one month should be carried.

Care must be taken regarding Rh factor negative. Use our MTP kit needs special care because of the  presence of Mifepristone to prevent Rh factor sensitization. So make it clear before your doctor.

Protect yourself from taking overdose. Only the recommended dose is enough ig the pregnancy period has not crossed the duration of 7 weeks or 70 days. Taking of overdose might cause serious health problems which includes anxiety, discomfort, stomach discomfort, diarrheas, fever, can increase your heart beats hence irregularity in blood circulation, hypertension. If overdose is taken knowingly or unknowingly consult your doctor immediately.

In case of messed dose take the medicine as soon as it comes in your notice. Do not take the missed dose including the current one that is continue the dose as you have not messed any dose. Again advancing.

Dose must not be taken.

Again we would like to stress that our aims are related in depth with all the higher values of humanity. We want SAFE PARENTING, SAFE MOTHERHOOD and want to see that everyone obeys the rules regarding birth control measures so that unwanted situations do not hamper your life and our MTP kit is a boon to secure you in getting Safe Mother Hood.

Our products are easily available in all the leading medical stores or if needed we have an on line mode of delivery system worldwide.